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Who Am I (becoming)?

Last Updated:  
March 31, 2021
Published On:  
March 31, 2021

When we begin to ask ourselves the question, "Who am I?" what we are really asking is, "What have I learned about myself?"

The answers we generate are often the roles that we have learned to fulfill:  
• I am a mother, a teacher, a CEO.
• I am good friend.
• I am a skilled ninja

We may also answer with states of being that we have learned to live into:
• I am a confident person.  
• I am frazzled.
• I am a happy human.

The problem with accepting these answers as Who You ARE is that learned behaviors are only a sliver of who you really are.

It's like looking into a rear-view mirror and pretending that where you have been is all that you are.

To view yourself completely through the lens of things that you already know about yourself is a misperception of your true nature and your true potential.
Your future is much more interesting than your past.

The view is much bigger through the forward-facing windshield than the tiny rear-view mirror.

There is more possibility in front of you than legacy behind you.

Today, when asking yourself, "Who am I?" look towards the future instead of your past and listen for the roles and ways of being that are yet to be learned and integrated into your life.

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