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Medicine Card Monday - Week 8, 2021 - Elk

Last Updated: ย 
March 1, 2021
Published On: ย 
February 22, 2021

Each week I draw a medicine card to set the tone for the week ahead and practice leading with the intuitive side of my brain. It makes for a fantastic companion to the more left-brain planning I also do each week.

The Medicine Card that I pulled for the eighth week of 2021 is Elk.

Elk is a big animal that spends much time with the herd until it comes time to find their mate. Then Elk goes off alone, bellowing their call to alert potential mates, and often times letting predators know that a feast could be near.

When Elk senses danger, they break for the high country and are able to run consistently over long distances.

Their strategy is to outpace anything that spends their energy chasing it.

This defense allows them to use their stamina and energy to the fullest, and Elk medicine teaches us to pace ourselves so that we can arrive at a goal without feeling burned out.

If you've taken on many projects, Elk asks us to look at how you've planned to finish without having your energy "eaten up" in the process.

This medicine always reminds me of the song from the animated Hercules, Go The Distance, in which young Herc begins his journey to discover who he is and knows that it will be fraught with challenges along the way.

Elk also has the peculiar trait of spending lots of time in herds of the same sex. This medicine reminds us of the healing power of communities and shows us how to seek solidarity and safety within a group of like-minded beings.

Elk medicine asks us to look at how we're holding up as we run towards our goals.

Our best weapons are to stop when we need to, persist when we need to, and to allow room for the exchange of energy that comes from being a part of the herd.

This week especially, look at all that you have taken on in life and how you intend to make to make it happen.

Have you filled up your calendar with work events and made no time to relax and reconnect?

If you have stretched yourself so thin you may break, beware the illness that comes from carrying undue stress over time.

Where in your life do you need a change of pace so that you can make it to the finish line and still have the energy to celebrate?

Based on Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, David Carson, and Angela C. Werneke

Get your own deck here: https://amzn.to/3pWtIavโ€‹

I earn a commission on Amazon purchases at no cost to you!


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