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Medicine Card Monday - 2021: Week 4 - Lizard Medicine

Last Updated: ย 
February 7, 2021
Published On: ย 
January 25, 2021


Each week I draw a medicine card to set the tone for the week ahead and practice leading with the intuitive side of my brain. It makes for a fantastic companion to the more left-brain planning I also do each week.

The Medicine Card that I pulled for the fourth week of 2021 is Lizard (Contrary).

This is the first contrary (or upside down) draw of the year and we will take a deeper look at what that means after we discuss Lizard and his dream medicine.

This medicine card tells the story of Lizard and Snake, and a conversation between the two about the difference between sleeping and dreaming. Sleeping here, is an analogy for living your life without looking to the future and setting a vision.

Without a dream about our future, we tend to fill it with the same content as our past.

When we dream and use the power of our imagination, we go to the place that the future lives. It is the place we can review our dreams before we decide to manifest them physically.

This line of thinking invites us to examine what we are dreaming about our own future.

Are we imagining a nightmare for ourselves, and in turn causing it to come about?

Or, are we confronting our fears and processing our experiences, and imagining the future that we want to create?

Whenever we find a contrary card (meaning that it's pulled from the deck upside down), it indicates an imbalance in that particular medicine.

The contrary position of the Lizard card asks us to look for imbalance in ย how we are approaching our dreams.


Are we spending so much time dreaming that we forget to take action?

Part of the cycle of manifestation is that we take action on our intuition. What we see in our dreams won't come to pass automatically. There is a level of obedience and action required to bring our visions to fruition.


Are we dreaming of a future that is actually a nightmare?

If we are living a nightmare, this is pointing to a deeper, inner conflict. Pay attention to feelings and body sensations, they are great sources of information in navigating the trials of everyday life. We learn to confront our fears by allowing ourselves to feel without suppression or aversion.

We can also be so acutely focused on action that we lose sight of the big picture. This implies that you need to spend more time experiencing your dreams. Holding a positive picture of the future takes discipline and practice. Have you taken time lately to envision what you are living your day-to-day life toward?


This week, give yourself the gift of space and time to dream the future that you want to create. Spend time feeling the sensations, much like Lizard basks in the sunlight.

This can look like meditating, taking a walk through nature where your imagination can run free, or turning on an uplifting playlist and expressing your vision through writing, painting, or dancing.

The point here is to engage your vision for the future in a way that keeps it alive, otherwise the same old stories from the past will flow in to fill it up.

When the vision is fully alive in our bodies, we have the energy to discern and take the necessary next steps.

โ€œThe future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.โ€ Eleanor Roosevelt


Based on Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, David Carson, and Angela C. Werneke

Get your own deck here: https://amzn.to/3pWtIavโ€‹

I earn a commission on Amazon purchases at no cost to you!


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