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Lighthours Recap: Resilience Rituals

Last Updated: ย 
February 7, 2021
Published On: ย 
January 18, 2021

Today is the day we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. who, I am inducting into the Lightyear Leadership Hall of Fame as a masterful Vision and Goal setter and a master of leaving behind a chosen legacy.

His I Have A Dream Speech is an example of Dr. King setting a vision and sharing it in a really powerful way. Most of his speeches are future-focused and if you have not explored his other messages, I highly recommend that you check out his work on such topics as Loving Your Enemy and Nonviolent Resistance.

I want to link his work today with the theme of Lightyear this year: Radiant Resilience

Honestly, I don't know that I can come up with a better example than Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. of what it's like to be resilient in the face of racism and war, being arrested close to 30 times, being harassed by the FBI and the media.

With all of that going on he still appeared to be untouched by the constant adversity and he found innovative ways to maintain his energy, approach activism, and live out his powerful faith.

His commitment to being resilient IS what allowed him to so radiantly share his vision with the world and leave such a lasting impression.

So, what I want to discuss today are Resilience Rituals.

It's a term that I made up, and it's an extension of the Lightyear Insurance Policy from the Personal Legacy series.

For the insurance policy you get clear on three different ways that reliably bring you back above the line of choice and share it with at least three people.

The idea behind rituals of resilience is that there are things that you can do to preemptively make yourself resilient before things go awry in your life.

Writing a vision and setting goals are already ways to live a more resilient life because you have something to navigate by when things go off course.

There are also the exercises like The Power Of Knowing What You Want, which was critical in creating my own sense of resilience in the wake of my losing my job last year and being able to bounce back with Faith and Patience.

I also meditate. It's a ritual that creates me to be happier and more confident in taking on life.

This week, ask yourself:

โ€ How many things do I require to maintain my Radiant Resilience? Identify.

In our discussions we found resilience in being outdoors, making sure we're connecting with other people regularly, having FUN, and approaching life with curiosity. We also found power in reaching out to others to create accountability and partnership in making those rituals happen, at the proper frequency.


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