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Lighthours Reflection: Wins of Omissions

Last Updated: ย 
February 7, 2021
Published On: ย 
January 26, 2021

We all know sins of omission, those little lies that that occur when we leave something out.

Well, this week on Lighthours, we discussed wins of omission.

A win of omission is the win that occurs when we intentionally say no to or abstain from something that would bring us below the line of choice.

This can be saying no to a request that you know would suck energy away from the projects that mean the most to you or avoiding a sabotaging habit or behavior. The wins here come when we appreciate our capacity to say no, set boundaries, and focus our attention on what we are a yes for.

A powerful no serves your big vision. Every time we say no in one domain, we are actually saying yes to something else.

This week, reflect on a moment that you've scored a win of omission and share with someone. The world needs more healthy pictures of people saying no powerfully and compassionately. Look for the opportunity to recognize when you are about to get hooked into a game (the blame game, the being right game, etc) and you choose not to play.

By dropping the game, we find we have much more time to live out our vision. These moments are just as valuable on on path of transformation as the moments that we say YES to our vision and our dreams.


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