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Generating Generosity

Last Updated: ย 
March 1, 2021
Published On: ย 
February 8, 2021

Generosity has been showing up again and again as a theme throughout my winter season. In my early winter workshop, You Get What You Order, we delighted in the connection between the words generating and generosity. We discovered that when we build generosity into our lives, we're generating a powerful compounding force that supports the greater whole.

Generosity always comes full circle, although it's easy to miss these opportunities when we're overly focused on surviving the details of our life.

In Lighthours today, we asked the question Where in our lives can we be less transactional and more in relationship?

This question struck me as another form of Where can I be more generous in my relationships?

Love is an energy that likes to move around, an e-motion. So I'm also asking myself where can I give more love in a way that it circulates to all parts of the whole?

This can be on the larger level of where I'm giving my time, energy, and how and where I'm spending my money.

It can also be on the smaller level of everyday actions. How often am I presented with an opportunity to extend love and forgiveness in a day?

If not forgiveness for someone else, then how about forgiveness for myself when I stumble on unseen ground on my way to creating a new world?

When I'm generous with myself and others, I'm signaling my faith in the abundance that's possible not only economically, but emotionally as well.

When generosity is the driving force behind economics, the whole system benefits.


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