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2021: Moved by Love

Last Updated:  
March 1, 2021
Published On:  
February 2, 2021

My personal theme for 2021 is kama-muta, moved by love.

This theme centers the transitional nature of my year ahead which sees me moving into a new career, setting the goal to move to another city, and living out the day-to-day movements of my life.

In Sanskrit, kama-muta translates to moved by love.

I'm using it as a lens to examine my life by asking myself questions such as Where can I be more moved by love over fear? and Where does the spirit of Love want me to be?

Love is an energy that likes to move around, an e-motion. So I'm also asking myself where can I give more love in a way that it circulates to all parts of the whole.

Where can I move heaven and earth or where do I need to get a move on in my life to experience more love?

Note, I consider this post a live document that I will be coming back to update and evolve over the year as I explore how this theme shows up in my life.

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